The team behind Tile saw how life’s little inconveniences can add up. Uncovering the fact that people spend an average of 60 hours a year searching for things they misplace, their answer was Tile—a small square device you can attach to important items that ‘tethers’ them to your phone.

If you lose your Tiled item, your phone will tell you the last place you had it. Did you lose it a few towns over? Other Tile owners’ phones create a lost and found network that grows larger every day.

Tile approached Character to develop their messaging strategy, create photography assets, and design their web experience.


The Tile brand story is larger than one person; it’s about people and communities using technology not just for their own benefit, but to help others. Tile’s website needed to balance the clean simplicity of the product’s use and design with its greater, grander purpose.

Expressive storytelling guides the reader to an emotional understanding of Tile beyond its practical capability. The website develops its narrative gently—a tactile, highly visual path reflecting the environments in which people keep the things they love and lose. Aerial photography over parks and beaches adds scale to the viewer’s understanding of Tile’s value in their lives and in the lives of people around them.

“Tile is wonderfully simple. It’s small, lightweight, and beautifully designed. It’s a symbol of modern technology design.”

Matt Carvalho  / Director of Digital

Photography by Lucas Saugen