ThirdLove has always believed that fit should come first. Size data from thousands of women revealed that 50% of women fall between standard cup sizes which led them to create a mobile app that lets women measure their true size without ever visiting a store, making shopping for bras online easier than ever.

ThirdLove had a renewed mission to design bras that would truly fit real women—tailored to breast shape, size, and even half sizes. Bridging beauty and comfort, ThirdLove’s bras are elevated, everyday essentials that make every woman look and feel amazing.


After hearing from hundreds of women, it became clear to Character that there were countless women who had graduated from big box, mall lingerie brands and were looking for bras that felt made for them—effortless, versatile, and practical while still attractive. However, they were coming up empty.

We saw an opportunity to speak directly to the ThirdLove woman: smart, professional, and possessing a modern femininity and an urban sensibility. ThirdLove would speak to and show women dressing for their everyday life—expressing the benefits of great bras and underwear as the perfect mix of unseen and ready to be seen.

Photography Art Direction

The theme of the photography art direction is the passage of time as expressed through light and shadow. Thirdlove bras are designed for all-day wear and the photography captures a woman in realistic scenarios throughout her day—in moments of relaxation between outfits, or under a crisp white shirt. The result is evocative of cinematic style.


ThirdLove’s website needed to clearly communicate the brand’s commitment to the perfect fit for all-day, effortless wear. Just as importantly, it needed to empower women with the confidence that they were buying the right bras for their bodies without ever stepping foot in a store.

In close collaboration with the ThirdLove team, Character developed the Fit Finder experience that allows women to determine their perfect everyday bra by selecting their body type, issues they’ve experienced with bras in the past, as well as their size and style preferences.

“The [photography] creative direction captures her modern femininity and relaxed attitude. It embodies the ease she feels as she experiences all-day freedom of movement.”

Tish Evangelista  / Partner + Creative Director

Photography by Sarra Fleur Abou-El-Haj