Super Heroic


Jason Mayden, former Nike Jordan brand design director, has launched his latest endeavor—a children’s footwear and fitness brand called Super Heroic. Their mission? To ignite a radical evolution in the way kids play.

With the debut of their first silhouette, the TMBLR v1, comes a sneaker that’s specially designed for the playground, featuring a seamless interior lining that comfortably molds to the child’s foot.


Character was tasked to create an exciting and magical unboxing experience for its imaginative consumers: kids. Inspired by the idea of kids and their limitless energy, we developed our cylindrical concept, which we call the Silo, around “power cells”—prevalent in comics, sci-fi, and video games.

Its removable core provokes a unique physical action that kick-starts kids’ imaginations. The primary components are a rigid tube, an injection molded cap with handle, and an internal “shuttle” that is designed to hold shoes of varying sizes.

“It’s a high-quality, high-performing, well-designed product… and it’s fun — everything we do has to be fun, from our logo to our colors to our packaging.”

Jason Mayden / Founder, Super Heroic

Sound + Packaging = Whoa!

The unboxing experience culminates with a triumphant, mechanical power-up sound effect and voice that announces “Super Heroic!” from a built-in speaker and sound chip each time the shuttle is removed from the silo—a first for us! 

This sound clip has proved to be a highlight with kids and the perfect final touch to mark the beginning of the Super Heroic experience.


Context and relevance are incredibly important when designing packaging, and this is even more true when designing for kids who want something that speaks to them—not their parents. Their imagination and creativity will allow them to look beyond a shoebox, and instead see it for its potential—a castle, a car, a “super-condenser modulator”. Adopting a child’s mentality is what allowed us to design solutions that encourage imagination and exploration.

The Super Heroic experience is so much more than innovative shoes and beautifully designed packaging. The brand is a call to action to remove barriers—to view playgrounds as the training grounds for overcoming life’s obstacles—and our packaging supports that through empowerment, enablement, and protection. The presentation of the shoes means a great deal to us, because we believe the product and experience Super Heroic created will truly make a difference in kids’ lives.