Paraphrasing from the old SNL Stefon sketch, “San Francisco’s hottest outdoor activity is — electric scooters.” Super accessible, affordable, and sustainable, our client Spin is part of the highly competitive scene.

With numerous brands vying for supremacy in the Bay Area, Spin came to us to carve out an ownable brand position and build both a compelling visual and verbal identity.



We positioned Spin as an ethos based brand — a brand whose tangible service serves as an intangible inspiration to consumers. It exists in the world to transform mobility from the practical to the magical. This manifests in Spin’s beliefs. First, that the real magic of the ride isn’t in the destination but what happens in the journey.

Secondly, Spin celebrates the impromptu plans, the endless adventures that might manifest from a ride. And lastly, Spin is committed to the partnerships that help transform our urban environments into more enjoyable places to live.

Visual Identity

To bring Spin to life visually, we used the beliefs we crafted as the foundation for design principles. Our three principles outlined as: electric vibrancy, dynamic fluctuation, and mindful adaptation. Electric vibrancy translated to a bold yet playful approach to color and photography with bright palettes and eclectic, energetic city images.

Dynamic fluctuation inspired our ever-changing configurations of shapes, forms, and treatments. And finally, in mindful adaptations — the brand belief of partnerships manifested in subtle nods to the identities of the cities and universities Spin looks to partner with


To be a great collaboration, the verbal identity for Spin needed to match the vibrant, bold energy of our visual design. We did this by developing a brand persona to lead Spin’s voice with.

Defined as the ‘The Instigator’, Spin provokes people in the best possible way — encouraging audiences with an edge of excitement, always speaking to the awesome possibilities of a new era of transportation with a playful, bold, and real tone of voice.

Brand Guidelines

To empower the Spin creative team, and their agency partners, we crafted cohesive brand guidelines to inform, instruct, and guide. Our brand guidelines covers everything from how to use our voice attributes to write brand communications to the rules surrounding color variations when collaborating with the Spin logo and background colors.

Brand guidelines are the embodiment of our ethos that an identity is never a single, beautifully crafted mark — but an entire system that has to seamlessly work together to be memorable and go far