SF Design Week 2016

Growing in attendees and size every year, San Francisco Design Week is one of the most recognized design events in the world. With a whirlwind of events, talks, and workshops taking place over the course of a week, 2016’s conference was shaping up to be the biggest yet. Character was asked to create an awareness campaign that highlighted that special thing about the Bay Area that makes the relatively small area such a design haven.

From the moment concepting began, the challenge became obvious: whatever it is that makes this place so special is impossible to articulate concisely and with any consensus at all. The magic of the Bay Area has to do with more than the geography, businesses, innovators, and creative infrastructure. It’s something magical, awe inspiring, constantly evolving.

Fully embracing the undefinability of the concept, “the thing about the bay” was brought to life across a multitude of applications and touchpoints—physical, digital, and experiential—as an awesome, shifting, indescribable force that roams about the bay, feeding creativity to everything it touches. Often unnoticed in our daily lives, the “thing” roams about the Bay Area constantly inspiring us, driving us and pushing us, keeping the Bay Area the design leader that it is.


There’s just something about the bay.


“So, how does undefinable look…?”

Ed O’Brien  / Creative Director

Campaign photography by Todd Tankersley