SFDW 2015

San Francisco Design Week is the Bay Area’s biggest design event, bringing together thousands of people across every discipline of design for a non-stop week of events, talks, open-studios and everything in-between.

With turnout increasing each year the AIGA/SF asked Character to create its 2015 Campaign, highlighting the uniquely diverse ecosystem that makes up this hub of creativity we call home.


Look Closer

SFDW attendees literally come from every design practice imaginable; graphic design, product design, architecture, sound and landscape design—the list is always growing. The work these professionals do shapes our world directly in a multitude of ways—many unseen in the bustle of everyday.

Character developed the ‘Look Closer’ campaign to highlight just that – the notion that design is all around us, shaping our world and all of its structures. Sometimes we just need a peek behind the scenes to really appreciate and understand it.

Character told this story through a series of monolithic letterforms that, on a closer look, provide a glimpse into the intricate frameworks. While their mirrored faces reflect a seamless integration to our world, their wooden structures reveal the complex and intricate systems behind the ideas we often breeze right past.

Each letter was hand-fabricated and placed into an environment with a direct relation to the SF Design Community. Beacons of timeless design. Epicenters of commerce and innovation. Nature and places of preservation. The designs we make as designers reach far and wide as do their implications for the future.

“While small geographically, what San Francisco’s design community creates is massive in scale.”

Ben Pham / Partner + Creative Director

Photography by Todd Tankersley