Pottery Barn Kids


Character was approached by Pottery Barn, a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, Inc., to present brand concepts for the launch of their new range of children’s furnishings, textiles, and accessories for Pottery Barn Kids.


An audit of related children’s brands revealed some striking similarities. All the brands were focused around bright, primary colors and ‘block-like” typographic treatments—just the sort of look you might expect from a children’s brand. If children were doing the buying, this would be an appropriate approach. Character instead decided to focus on parents.

Drawing on the inspiration of “infinite and timeless childhood imagination,” Character crafted an identity that subtly combined the upscale and sophisticated Pottery Barn aesthetic with soft and whimsical design elements.

The resulting color palette, classic lower-case typography, and playful imagery formed a nostalgically-styled brand identity that was instantly recognizable, unique to the marketplace, and strongly resonant with mothers.


The new identity was applied across a variety of applications, from packaging and business systems to store signage, hang-tags, retail collateral, and gift boxes. Character also designed and produced the debut product catalog for Pottery Barn Kids.

Pottery Barn Kids is now a thriving children’s furniture retailer with over 90 stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. We’re proud to say that the iconic Pottery Barn Kids brand identity is still used today.