Nod, Inc. is a Bay Area technology startup focused on developing the world’s most advanced wearable input platform. Character was approached by the Nod, Inc. team to position, brand, and launch their first consumer product, Nod, a gesture control ring that enables beautiful, touchless interaction with smart devices and objects. Following an impressive product demonstration, we enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity.

Working closely with the Nod team, Character first developed the strategic framework from which all creative and messaging development would be derived. Once in place, Character created Nod’s logo identity and supporting brand visual language. Character then extended the new identity to both their pre-order website and  consumer awareness launch campaign.

“We derived the brand mark from our inherent need to gesture when communicating. We wanted it to be fluid, dynamic, and inclusive.”

Tish Evangelista  / Partner + Creative Director


While no comparable products were in market at the time of Nod’s launch, there were a myriad of companies with products in development occupying valuable mindshare. Character and Nod worked together to craft a brand that was wholly differentiated by the fact that it is centered on the idea that to the consumer, Nod isn’t solely about its technical prowess or complex algorithms. Nod should just feel like magic.


The selected logo is an elegant mark that reflects the innately personal experience of using a Nod ring. The visual language is simple and refined, balanced by a tone of voice that is warm and expressive.

Nod unveiled itself to the world in May 2014. A much-deserved wave of positive reviews ensued—a testament to their visionary team of engineers.

“We wanted to create the feeling of a live demo on the web and really show people how this product will fit into their lives.”

Will Geddes / Associate Art Director