Mixt Greens


Mixt Greens was founded in San Francisco in 2005 by Andrew Swallow, his sister Leslie Silverglide, and her husband David Silverglide with two goals – to provide high quality salad options, and set the bar for sustainable business practices.

Since then, they’ve opened restaurants throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles; serving over two million pounds of locally-sourced organic ingredients per year.


“Our goal was to elevate the MIXT brand with a modern and fresh take on the farm-to-table concept with seasonal themes and visual cues abstracted from agriculture and dining”

Paul Miller, Creative Director


Tasked with evolving the beloved salad brand, Character started at the beginning—with the food. Not only did we eat Mixt on a regular basis (major perk of the job), we learned about the Mixt process from the inside out. It was clear that seasonal produce was at the heart of everything Mixt created as well as the choices they made every day.

So we strategically focused our efforts on bringing that aspect to life through all touchpoints—from the logo, to the storefront, to the web (even down to the employee aprons).


The new identity and visual language elevates Mixt with an evolved, fresh aesthetic that’s meant to inspire both new and existing customers. Dropping ‘Greens’ from the name compliments the vast selection of organic ingredients and seasonal products offered at each restaurant and helps expand the Mixt concept to a more diversified audience. This new visual language also supports and informs a clean, modern interior experience.


In a category often saturated with similar, expected imagery, we wanted to achieve something different—a photography style that captured Mixt ingredients and products in a delightful, fresh, and ownable way. We wanted to depict culinary moments that felt contemporary and unique, as well as relatable and aspirational—moments that inspire, captivate and clearly communicate the authenticity of the Mixt brand.


Aimed at helping customers quickly find and order a Mixt meal, we focused on three key themes—convenience, location, and seasonality. Since time plays a huge role in the lives of busy customers, we wanted to make ordering a stress-free experience—whether they’re ordering 1 or 100 meals.

For offline customers, we wanted them to be able to navigate to the nearest Mixt (walking or driving) with ease, so we made the website design fully responsive to ensure a flawless experience for on-the-go customers. And lastly, we wanted to highlight and show off the seasonality of the Mixt menu with photography that placed produce front and center.

Brand Story

The people behind Mixt have worked hard since day one to ensure that everything they serve is nutritious and of the highest quality. We wanted to bring their story to life by not only showcasing the work that goes into creating and maintaining Mixt, but also the moments that got them to where they are today.

After candid conversations about running a family business, the rewards and challenges of building an environmentally friendly brand and the internal staffing and sourcing processes, we were able to craft a company narrative that was true to Mixt. From their roots to their philosophy and growing “movement,” we helped them define and articulate what Mixt stands for today and for years to come.

Photography by Todd Tankersley