Smartphones have made it easy to take a quick video and share it on the fly. But what about the less serendipitous, but equally special events in our lives? Concerts, weddings, performances, even presentations are hard to capture with the dynamism we hope to remember. Our options are limited and too often we’re faced with choosing between low-quality convenience and the cost of professional video production.

Mevo set out to change all that.

Designed by Livestream, the leader in professional live-video production tools, Mevo is a compact HD camera paired with an iPhone app offering live-editing features previously limited to high-cost, multi-camera setups. Through simple, intuitive gestures Mevo zooms, pulls, pans and cuts across multiple shots. The result can be effortlessly streamed live or saved to share later. Simply put, Mevo creates high-quality video productions without the production cost or hassle.


Livestream asked Character to help them create a brand for Mevo that would relate to a large, consumer-facing audience across a wide range of needs and skill levels. From crafting the strategic brand vision and messaging to building out the identity, website, and introduction video, Character developed the brand assets needed to introduce Mevo to the world.

Mevo was already positioned firmly as the live-event camera: a video camera to capture and share life’s most meaningful moments at the production value they deserve. Character crafted a brand story that transports you to the director’s seat and with a promise to make it easier than ever to bring audiences into the moment the way you envisioned it. Mevo gives you the tools to not just record your event, but direct your story.


Building directly from our brand definition work, we developed a visual identity for Mevo that articulates the director’s story in the simplest way possible. Utilizing the timeless action of using one’s fingers to frame a shot, the logomark reinforces the promise that anyone with a vision can direct their story.
Translating this inherently classic gesture in modern vocabulary, the fundamental language of the Mevo brand took shape. It is simple, intuitive, human, and communicates the technology backbone that enables a personal experience that users can create and share.


The magic of Mevo is not just a beautifully crafted camera, it also interacts with its iOS app in a remarkably intuitive way. To showcase its true value, the site needed to be more than pretty pictures of the camera. By focusing on use cases within the context of the app, we were able to convey the portability and polish of the hardware as well as the powerful capabilities of the app experience.

All of these elements were brought together in the introduction video to show how an independent business might use Mevo to unveil new products for buyers, bloggers, and fans alike.

“With Mevo in your hands you can go from capturing an event to directing a production. We wanted the brand to speak to this sense of empowerment—blending ease and simplicity with quality and a touch of wonder.”

Diva DiMartini / Associate Strategy Director

Video by Character & Redgate Films