Light set out to radically change our expectations around photography. With a smartphone in almost every pocket, people have developed expectations around ease, mobility, and sharing—often at the expense of image quality. This means we are often settling for “good enough” photos to capture everyday events. And while they deliver in quality, DSLR cameras often come with bulk, loads of equipment and, steep learning curves. Investing in a good camera means an investment in time, money, and energy.

Through its innovative approach to both hardware and software, Light is able to eliminate this need to compromise between quality and convenience. For the first time, people are able to take DSLR-quality photos (high-resolution, excellent low light performance, true optical zoom, and shallow depth of field) in a simple, mobile experience.


From the get-go, Character saw that Light was a brand that would appeal to the iPhone “upgrader” while maintaining credibility with prosumers and evangelists. This meant creating a simple, concise story that focused on the magic of capturing the moment as well as the ease and simplicity that only Light can deliver.

From a design perspective, the Light technology was as different as it looked. We embraced this unexpected character, highlighting the unique mutli-lens design as evidence of its innovation balanced by rich, full-bleed photography from the camera itself.


The identity for Light came from a simple metaphor: light is the source of all life. It shapes, grows, and affects the world around it. A small shift in light can change everything and it is this quality that informed the elegant, simple, and active wordmark, playing off the relationship between a source of light and what it develops around it.

This execution allowed for a logomark that is full of life and movement, echoing the multi-lens design of the technology without ever becoming complex or competing with the product design when applied to the camera.

The launch website showcased the power of the camera from multiple angles. User-focused imagery displays Lights’s mobility and DSLR capabilities like low-light scenes, while beautiful product shots display the camera’s radical design in all its glory, all paired with the proof: shots from the camera that can speak for themselves.

“There is an inherent magic to Photography. Light pushes that notion beyond anything we’ve become used to which seemed like a great place to start.”

Ben Pham / Partner + Creative Director

Lifestyle Photography by Michael O’Neal / Product Photography by Todd Tankersly