Most of us have two categories of clothing in our closet: casual and work, with a large gap between the two. This lack of a middle ground makes occasions where you want to look sophisticated yet not overdone tough to dress for.

KILN exists to bridge this gap, creating garments that embody the ease of the California lifestyle with an elevated confidence, garments that are perfect for wine tasting on a languid Saturday afternoon.


We knew that KILN’s products would immediately cultivate enthusiasts. But the best fashion brands create more than aesthetics, they create opportunities for connection. Thus, it was vital to build a solid, ownable foundation for KILN’s story so enthusiasts could fall in love with not just the impeccable garments, but the purpose and promise of the brand.

Character crafted KILN’s purpose around making favorites, the pieces you always choose and will always last. We expanded upon this through the brand promise—every KILN product is designed based on how it will fit into your day, with every detail made to serve you. It’s a brand inspired by life and fashioned to fit yours.


Through a collaboration with the KILN team, we wanted to pinpoint a name that expresses the brand’s commitment to creating fashion that stands the test of time. Delving into this desire, we started to brainstorm around the timeless processes of craft which lead us to kiln.

For millennia, kilns have created the most beloved, lasting pieces of civilizations through a slow and steady dedication to craft. After a stress test across brand expressions, the name proved to perfectly align with the brand’s ethos and expressed their overarching aspiration: to create pieces their audiences will turn to season after season, year after year.


We wanted KILN’s logo to reflect the same meticulous construction and purposeful details that goes into their garments. Hence, the logo is designed from a serif font, emboldened with a timeless look.

Like KILN’s apparel, the logo does not have any unnecessary, decorative embellishments, it’s elevated without being ornate, self-assured without being overly bold.

Photography Art Direction

To introduce KILN, Character developed an art direction that showcased the expressiveness of the brand in collaboration with the equally expressive landscape of Northern California.

Since KILN is made to embody the space between casual and work, models were captured in candid moments, not overly posed, wearing the apparel with ease. Lighting helped capture an overall cinematic mood, with the accessible elegance of the KILN collaborating with the natural beauty of a California golden hour.


The KILN site experience balances the fundamental needs of eCommerce with evocative visual storytelling. Starting with the ambient homepage video, visitors are immediately introduced to the meticulous craft of KILN while giving them an opportunity to easily scroll down to shop.

Seamless transitions are integral to the experience, both visually and navigational, alluding to the attention to detail that goes into KILN. Visually, color transitions are subtle with typography supporting the imagery, not taking away from the consistent spotlight on the products. Black and white imagery provide another visual layer, helping to convey a cinematic look and feel.

“By building a whole universe for KILN—branding, photography, site experience, we were able to make all the elements work in harmony, creating a perfectly cohesive introduction for the brand to the world.”

Phil Gauthier / Design Director

Campaign Photography by Michael Mundy