Inside each of your trillions of cells lies a tiny chemical blueprint called DNA. Whether it’s in your brain, on your tongue, or in your heart, these molecules make up the fundamentals of who you are and where you come from.

From health and wellness to family planning and more, Helix empowers everyone to uncover valuable insights from their DNA. Unlike their competitors, Helix is not a one-and-done genetic resource, but a valuable partner in lifelong genetic learning.

Brand Identity

The building blocks of humankind, the four chemical bases that make us who we are—this fundamental was the inspiration for our logo mark. Approachable and honest, the vibrant color palette pairs with the primary shapes that create the Helix identity, giving an energetic and full of life tone to the Helix brand without appearing overly primary or elementary.

We worked closely with Helix to develop a brand voice and tone that fit the overall mission and vision of the company. Crafting an empathic, optimistic, and scientifically sharp tone was key to engaging a wide audience across a variety of interests (health, wellness, lifestyle, and ancestry). We needed to communicate two things: the uniqueness of the Helix platform, and the DNA insights that they offer people today and years into the future.