Grail is taking on one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime, combining science, technology, and clinical studies to reveal cancer at its beginnings. To detect cancer early, when it can be cured. To uncover where it all begins, far before we have to worry about how it will end.  

Diagnosing cancer early results in significantly higher survival rates compared to late-stage diagnosis. However, effective screening only exists for a few cancer types, and most cancer is detected in later stages, when survival rates are much lower.

In order to enable the most accurate detection of early stage cancer, GRAIL is conducting one of the largest clinical study programs ever pursued in genomic medicine. GRAIL is collaborating with leading community and academic medical centers to conduct studies enrolling tens of thousands of people to identify the patterns required to detect many types of cancer, and studies enrolling hundreds of thousands of people to confirm the clinical validity and utility of GRAIL’s products.

Visual Identity

GRAIL is dedicated to developing a cancer detection tool like no other. Functionally, their test detects infinitesimal changes in DNA. Emotionally, the test empowers people — arming physicians and patients with knowledge.

The “i” in GRAIL’s logotype represents DNA detection, with the three wider crossbars representing the company’s three foundational pillars (People, Science, and Analytics); while the two narrow bars communicate GRAIL’s ability to both detect and protect.

The rich color palette was designed to convey credibility and evoke associations of quality, strength, and steady determination. It is a purposeful departure from the bright colors of young tech companies or the expected palettes of medical institutions.

“GRAIL is solving an incredibly important challenge that positively affects people on a global level. It’s the greatest reward as a designer to know that your work contributes to effecting people in a positive way. This project does just that.”

Matt Carvalho / Design Director

Data Visualization

The instructional illustration style we created for GRAIL is designed to communicate complex scientific information through the use of simple diagrams. The information is designed to feel cohesive with the brand language through the use of horizontal elements that mimic the logo.

Sequencing plays a large role in the visual vocabulary of the brand language. We created a pattern as a metaphor to represent GRAIL’s innovative computational techniques and ability to transform massive amounts of sequencing data into clinically actionable insights.

“The gravity of GRAIL’s challenge is understood by everyone. As such, the design chooses to hero and visualize the language that conveys their unique and impassioned approach.”

Claudia Di Martino / Designer

Photography by Todd Tankersley