Glint is an employee engagement platform that provides transparency into a company’s most critical and complicated resource: its people. By asking the right questions in the right way, companies using Glint give their employees the opportunity to have their voices heard and uncover the insights needed to help their organization thrive.

Glint was determined to build a product and a brand that felt elegant, clean, and design-led. Character partnered with the Glint team to help this vision come to life in their visual identity system, product experience, and website.

While the challenges that exist just below the surface of a company’s culture may be complex and intertwined, Glint brings them to the surface clearly and beautifully. Through the use of simple color and folded typography, the Glint logotype illustrates the idea of illuminating what is just out of sight. Glint’s identity feels human—attentive to important details and subtleties in order to create a brighter, clearer environment.

Glint wanted the simplicity and clarity of the logomark to inform their product experience. Working closely with Glint’s internal engineering team, Character developed user interface and interaction models that would translate to and create the building blocks for the entire product, finding a balance between elegant, clean design and deep, actionable data.

Glint’s robust product offering starts with two main components: the short, yet meaningful employee survey, and the manager-level dashboard. The dashboard provides top-level metrics, insights, and alerts, allowing users to dive deeper into the data. With such rich data it was critical that Character identify the types of information users would need on the surface and what would be relevant in the layers below.

Glint’s website is a direct extension of the clean and effortless nature of the product. While most employee engagement companies keep their cards close to their chest, Glint transparently shows potential users what they would experience in-product. Character designed a site that allows the company to lead with their product and tell a simple, people-led narrative while still leaving room for future thought leadership.