Fogdog is the result of a unique collaboration between a renowned tea expert and a coffee-loving entrepreneur. Together they developed and honed a patent-pending cold brew technology that extracts the flavors, oils and sugars from coffee beans and tea leaves without any bitterness or acidity. The result is a smooth, creamy cold brew that’s naturally delicious.

The company’s founders came to Character in need of a visual and verbal identity to promote their product to retailers and distributors with the vision of launching a ready-to-drink line in the future.


A look at the category quickly highlighted the need for differentiation. Cold brew was a quickly expanding market with major players and hundreds of smaller boutique brands competing for both mindshare and shelf space.

Recognizing the west coast spirit of the company and its founders we turned to San Francisco for inspiration. The coffee and tea have a unique texture reminiscent of the Bay Area fog that local residents come to know and love. This fog became the inspiration for both the name and the moody visual system supporting the brand.

Identity & Packaging

As the packaging would become the primary touchpoint for the brand, Character developed a visual system that would attract attention, stand out on a shelf and leave a lasting impression.

The simple, modern wordmark paired with beautiful marbleized patterns was a reference to the modern innovation brought to an ancient ritual. The patterns themselves are reminiscent of the quality of the brew and were inspired by the brand’s namesake. The bold monochromatic palette conveys premium appeal that we knew would stand out in a sea of browns and golds.

fogdog: a bright spot sometimes seen in fog near the horizon