If you’ve ever been hungry and hesitant to leave the comfortable confines of your home, you know DoorDash. Founded in San Francisco in 2013, the on-demand restaurant delivery service connects people with all the best things to eat in their city. In the past five years, the company has grown rapidly and now serves delicious dishes to over 500 cities across North America.

As DoorDash has grown, they’ve launched and maintained a restaurant network with the best selection, fastest times, lowest prices, and best possible quality. But operating in a crowded field, they needed to evolve their brand so they could continue to differentiate themselves from their peers.

Character delved deep into their team for insights on what made DoorDash different, crafting a strategy around the way they do business and the motivation behind their work. It all came back to the spirit of the company—DoorDash just doesn’t deliver meals, they deliver potential. They give people more time in their day, more money in their pocket, and more opportunities to spend time with the people they love. This brand essence acted as a conceptual lens to deliver on throughout the brand experience.

“Originating in the logo was this really interesting 45 degree angle. We used it to create these juxtapositions between people and food—real, inviting life moments that were full of possibility.”

Brooke Willis / Creative Director

Brand Identity

Keeping what was iconic, Character evolved the DoorDash mark to express the brand’s new era. The mark has a subtle motion to it that alludes to speed and delivery. It also expresses the qualities of the brand, a bold, extroverted spirit, expressed in a vibrant red that collaborates with white to express optimism and create balance.

Naturally derived from the DoorDash name, the dash iconography (or as we playfully call it, ‘dashfetti’) is used to convey the narrative of potential in a bright, memorable way. When paired with photography, the dash iconography immerses a viewer in a deeper story, such as the exotic vacations that more free time could contain.

Verbal Identity

Character’s challenge was to craft tone of voice and key messaging that would be communicated to DoorDash’s three main audiences: merchants, customers, and Dashers. Each of these audiences have different needs, for example, merchants need concrete information about how potential revenue works, while customers need stories that explore the more emotional benefits of possibility. We solved for this by creating distinct voice and tone attributes and high-level value propositions for each audience that all ladder up to the same brand thesis.

Living Brand Guidelines

An innovation Character is proud to be spearheading, a brand microsite takes a traditional, static style guide and makes it a digital entity. It’s an internal resource that DoorDash’s in-house team can easily turn to when they need guidance, while also allowing them to make amendments to keep it current in the future when necessary.