Clear Labs


Clear Labs set out to bring unprecedented transparency to the food supply chain. They developed a unique set of diagnostic tests that analyze food at the molecular level, exposing what is truly in the food we buy and eat. With clinical-grade analysis and big data web platforms, Clear Labs began populating a proprietary database of food information and insights.

So what does this all mean? Companies can use this information to source safer, higher quality food and consumers can understand more about the food we are buying and eating. Clear Labs came to Character to help them launch their brand to food manufacturers, retailers, and consumers and establish them as an authority in food transparency.


Character first worked with Clear Labs to define their positioning and architecture. What did they want to be known for? How would they be branded for manufacturers vs. retailers vs. consumers? What was the branding all these properties shared? We built the offering around the Clear Labs brand with two primary product offerings: Clear View and Clear Score.

Clear View is aimed at retailers and Clear Score focuses on consumers. It was important that the brand be positioned as an authority backed by real science and committed to bettering the food supply chain, not simply exposing the worst in the industry.

“Our goal was to bring clarity and simplicity to this complex data. More information does not have to equal complication.”

Meghan Berckes  / Design Director

Art Direction & Visual Language

Because of the company’s both complex science and offering, Character focused on a simple, recognizable mark that reinforced a similar visual language across all products. The organic logo shape suggests transparency and can easily flex into a seal of quality and approval. We reinforced Clear Labs’ expertise with illustrations inspired by science, balanced with a bright color palette and approachable style.

With a vision of indexing the world’s food, information design was an important aspect of the visual language. Character developed a system that supported complex charts with digestible visual metaphors. We established a photography style that allowed us to showcase food in a fun and striking way. The bright background and overhead view became a visual device for the food under the Clear Labs microscope, reinforcing the balance between science and approachability.

Photography by Todd Tankersley