Cinder combines the creative, fun experience of home cooking with the magic of eating perfectly cooked restaurant food.

Their first product, the Cinder Sensing Cooker, uses precise temperature to ensure meat, vegetables, and other foods cook flawlessly every time. Cinder partnered with Character to help them position, design, and launch their brand.

“Cooking is such an emotional, rich experience. We embraced that and made sure food was always center stage.”

Gina Gutierrez  / Brand Strategist


Character understood that people who love to cook enjoy the experience and the experimentation. Cinder isn’t trying to replace the home chef, but rather promising to help people in their path to finding joy and mastery in the kitchen.


Character partnered with a naming expert to develop the brand name, Cinder, which evokes the idea of slow, gentle heat. While closer in kin to sous vide, the first product looks more like a countertop grill. Its descriptor name, the Sensing Cooker, clarifies the product’s advanced capability and refined experience. Character designed the Cinder word mark to convey precision and to illustrate the connection to temperature.

The idea of temperature as opposed to time is key to understanding the innovative approach Cinder takes in cooking food. The website not only needed to explain this shift in paradigm, but also needed to retain a sumptuous, culinary feel.

Photography by Todd Tankersley