Finding a dermatologist can be a daunting task, and distinguishing the benefits of over-the-counter medication, dermatologist-approved treatments, or prescription-grade products is blurry.

Apostrophe provides affordable dermatology that focuses on cosmetic conditions. Through an online appointment, with one of their board-certified dermatologists, patients receive a personalized treatment plan that includes a prescription delivered to the front door.



OTC treatments have a cookie-cutter approach to patient care, and most dermatologist clinics lack the flexibility to adjust to patients busy lives and schedules. Apostrophe’s ability to deliver personalized care and doctor-patient interaction illuminated a unique position to build the brand upon.

It inspired us to develop the brand’s purpose on the core beliefs that people should always find comfort in the skin they are in, patients should connect with their doctors, and difference—not—sameness— should be celebrated. Apostrophe provides personalized treatments where patients feel seen and heard so they can own the day.

It was great to work with a company comprised of a diverse team of men and women, engineers and dermatologists, who are building a company that services all people—not just a select few. In keeping with this spirit, we wanted Apostrophe’s branding to be bright, uplifting, and celebrate people’s differences.

Tish Evangelista / Creative Director & Principal


Formerly called YoDerm, we renamed the company Apostrophe, a symbol that embodies ownership. The name signifies a company dedicated to providing patients with that feeling that they own their skin concerns and are provided treatments on their own terms.

This same principle informed our approach to revamping the brand identity system, illustrations, iconography, packaging, web design, and photography art direction. We also redesigned an accessible platform that matches patients with board-certified derms and a dedicated Care Team, ensuring that clients receive expert care, proven treatments, proprietary solutions, and medications shipped direct-to-door.


When designing Apostrophe’s logo, we were inspired by the idea of fluidity—both a subtle nod to patients’ movement forward but also underlining of Apostrophe’s easily-applied creams, liquids, and substrates. A custom logotype was built and crafted from scratch. The letterforms take their roots from the typefaces of the Renaissance but with a twist of modernism by being a san serif.

The color palette is designed to feel fresh, clean and pure, but balanced with an element of technicality and precision. The selection of neutral grays creates a foundation in technology, while the mint palette creates a fresh feeling of clarity, transparency, and optimism.

Through collaborating with the Apostrophe team, who had a real passion for creating skincare solutions, I was really inspired to craft a brand voice that equally ‘got it’. That astutely understood the anxiety of wanting great skin and was unpretentiously insightful about getting you there.

Marlena Ryan / Senior Copywriter

Art Direction

Skin and hair conditions don’t discriminate, and neither does Apostrophe’s services. Apostrophe is building a skin and hair care company that services all people—not just a select few. It was this same culture, which celebrates difference—not—sameness, that informed Character’s approach to photography and illustration approach.

The illustration style is sophisticated, gender-neutral, an approach that emphasizes the diversity of Apostrophe’s audience; both men and women are illustrated with details that make them more distinct such as various hairstyles and skin tones. The photography is grounded in the optimal relationship between patients and doctors — being seen, heard, and understood. Subjects are real people who are interacting with their environments candidly, with an uplifting, welcoming attitude.

The logo ‘A’ pays tribute to Apostrophe’s offerings—by resembling a dollop of cream or serum. It also pays homage to its name—by using the shape and the form of an apostrophe. It’s these double meanings and visual cues that make a mark strong and memorable.

Christy Silva / Senior Designer

In skin and hair care, ownership is an audacious goal. Your body is constantly changing and the healthcare system is rigged against you. We want to welcome patients to Apostrophe so they can own their outcome and be themselves. Our evolved brand is stylized enough to stand out, but remains honest to the expert roots of the company.

Ben Holber / Apostrophe CEO

Lifestyle Photography by Michael O’Neal & Product Photography by Todd Tankersley