New Hire | September 9, 2016

Growing up in New England and amongst a creative family, Carissa always had a knack for words (outside the prerequisite smack talk that comes with being raised in MA). While getting her B.A. in Journalism from Clemson University, she discovered a love of sports writing, tailgating and Carolina BBQ.

After spending nearly a decade in the South, she traveled west to continue her creative copy career writing on a variety of topics including travel, music, stationery, DIY and tech for companies large and small.

When her fingers aren’t attached to her keyboard typing out creative copy for Character, you might find her fingers throwing her hair into an elastic for a hike in the Oakland hills with her two dogs, holding an IPA at a local brewery, enthusiastically clapping for Clemson Tigers football, or picking blueberries off her son’s t-shirt.