Cody Pallo | Development

I have a rather interesting job; I’m a Senior Creative Technologist. It’s one of the newer titles in the field of design and development. Simply put, a Creative Technologist is a developer who understands design and the creative process. I believe that coming up with really unique web solutions requires not only understanding what’s possible, but also how to convey the intent of the client in a forward-thinking way.

A Creative Technologist helps to formulate ways to uphold, improve, and hone the integrity of a design from a programmatic and imaginative perspective. We work alongside the Creative Directors, Strategists, Copywriters, Digital Design Directors and the rest of the digital department to create works that are not only fresh, but also intelligently conceived and built.

A key component to the effectiveness of this role is flexibility. When I’m involved in helping figure out design technicalities, it helps in the development of a strategic game plan for writing solid code. Designs change and code needs to be written in such a way that allows for adaptability. Being able to have foresight in the creative process helps to accomplish this.

Design shouldn’t be conceived in a black box. Creative Technologists understand that how something operates on the inside influences how it appears on the outside. As the field becomes more complex the creative possibility become greater. Creative Technologists bring clarity to this complexity, they help to bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen while also helping to communicate new possibilities for creative expression. I’m excited to see more agencies start to hire people in my role.