Andrew Glendinning | Design

The word is out on our latest project, and we thought it’s time we share what we’ve been cooking up in the studio over the last few months.

Meet In Character

This June, we launched In Character—our social impact initiative championing Creativity for Positivity. Volunteering their time and talents the group of creatives that make up In Character are using design to promote positivity, spark conversation, and support charitable causes within and beyond the Bay Area. The wearable pins and canvas totes we designed were conceived with these principles in mind, and 100% of its proceeds go to charity.  This year’s inaugural campaign supports Refugee Transitions—a community-based, nonprofit serving high-need, low-income refugee, asylee, and immigrant newcomers in the Bay Area.

What Inspired Us

Character’s three founding partners are immigrants and the Character crew is made up of individuals from all over the world—Sweden, Taiwan, Australia, Iran, and the UK to name a few—and from every part of the country. Not surprisingly, this made us uniquely inspired to embrace our diverse backgrounds and give back to our community in a way that would bring people together, promote kindness, and support local, national, and global human rights causes. 

In Character’s Launch & Future

In Character made its official debut this summer at San Francisco’s famed West Coast Craft. It was an exciting opportunity for us to get the word out and directly engage with people on the issues that inspired us as individuals and a group to bring this dream to life.

Last month, we launched the In Character website where you can explore and purchase our designs as well as get updates about what we’ll be doing next. In Character is an ongoing initiative that we plan to grow and expand upon with new generations of designs and goods that support a wide variety of charities over the coming seasons. We plan to participate in more events like West Coast Craft that allow us to spread awareness and raise funds for those who need it. We’d love to invite others to get involved, and encourage all those passionate about Creativity for Positivity to get in touch!