Teforia transforms the modern tea experience. Their revolutionary machine and proprietary infusing method creates the perfect cup of tea as it automatically determines optimal brew time and temperature based on recipes carefully crafted in collaboration with tea growers, tea masters, and scientists.

The companion app features make it possible to customize flavors, track your favorites, and explore a whole new world of exclusively curated teas. This unique blend of tradition and technology enable anyone to get a truly perfect cup of tea.

Tea is a journey. From the steeping process to your own personalized tea rituals throughout the day there is always an underlying feeling of motion and renewal. Teforia’s new logomark represents a leaf pointing to the east—a nod to where the brand came from. It bobs playfully in the wave of a well-balanced vessel. The logotype provides a complement as well as a contrast to the logomark.

This dichotomy of tradition and modernity is at play in most other elements of the visual language. The illustration style begins with clean and simple linework, with a hand drawn pencil stroke to add warmth and a human touch. Watercolor washes depict the elegant fluidity of tea and are used as an alternative to large blocks of color.

With Teforia seeing (and tasting) is believing. Using full-screen video and imagery, we created an immersive sensory experience on the web to convey the touch, taste, smell, and ritual of making tea with Teforia.



While the Teforia infuser represents a modern, high-tech breakthrough, Character approached the design with a deep respect for the heritage of tea. Unlike an automated coffee machine, the entire Teforia infusing experience is a sensory one, harkening to the ritual that many cultures associate with tea. Our strategy was to emphasize that sense of ritual and renewal, promising a sensory experience.

Art Direction

Character set out to depict moments of calm, connection, reflection, and renewal. Moments that feel intimate, social, and elegant—relatable and aspirational, captured and not constructed. The Teforia brand favors quality and refinement over edge or trend. This lifestyle should inspire, captivate, and clearly communicate authenticity.

Our goal was to create richness by playing up the dichotomy that Teforia thrives onenhancing ritual with innovation.

Meghan Berckes / Design Director

Photography by Laurie Frankel