SanDisk Connect


SanDisk created a breakthrough storage solution fit for today’s mobile lifestyle and enlisted Character to develop the position, imagery, and messaging that would successfully propel the product to its revolutionary potential.

The SanDisk Connect media drive allows users to transfer files, music, or videos from mobile devices (phones, tablets and laptops) to the drive without any wires or Internet connection. This allows people to easily increase their mobile storage, transfer files, or access media wherever they go without the need for wires or Wi-Fi.


Character’s challenge was to find a simple and concise way to illustrate the benefits of Connect. The SanDisk Connect could be valuable in a variety of use cases from travel, to work, to family road trips, however, elevating one of these above the others ran the risk of making the product feel niche. Character focused on the “magic moment” of accessing or transferring data to a device that is tucked away in a pocket or bag.

This spoke directly to mobility and wireless connectivity while emphasizing the pocket size differentiation that set the Connect apart. This simple framework celebrated the range of moments and possibilities with Connect and established it as a product for the young, mobile, and media savvy.

“Our goal was to reposition the SanDisk Connect in the minds of consumers. We wanted to forgo traditional marketing approaches focused on storage capacity. Instead we focused on how the Connect fits into an active lifestyle.”

Ben Pham / Partner + Creative Director

A bold, bright, contemporary aesthetic introduced the product as something new and different from SanDisk. The simplified messaging focused on the key actions of save, store, and access while using relatable scenarios to paint the picture.

Photography by Todd Tankersley