NeuroMetrix is an innovative healthcare company pioneering diagnostic technology and wearable therapy solutions for people suffering from chronic pain and sleep disorders. They enlisted Character to name, brand, and launch their first over-the-counter solution.

Quell is a slim, lightweight, wearable device that relieves chronic pain with the touch of a button. NeuroMetrix needed a consumer-facing brand that could convey credibility and innovation to attract both consumers and clinicians.


Character started with the audience. For chronic pain sufferers, every aspect of life may be compromised –their mood, their ability to stay active and sleep soundly. Many people spoke of their reluctant reliance on drugs; others had given up on simple activities like walking the dog and many felt that their condition had taken over. So this brand isn’t just be about pain management, instead the brand promises empowerment and accessibility, giving people the ability to reclaim their life.


Character partnered with a naming expert to develop the brand name, Quell. Quell spoke to the functional benefit of pain reduction, while the pronunciation has a sound of “wellness.”

Character designed the word-mark to subtly illustrate the concept of transformation and speak to the day and night relief that truly sets Quell apart. The color palate conveyed credibility, while the typography and styling brought a level of optimism and warmth that clearly positioned Quell in a consumer space.

“Quell not only makes people’s lives better, but it’s also a beautifully designed product. This is the type of project that makes being a designer incredibly rewarding.”

Matt Carvalho  / Digital Director