You’re sitting comfortably at home. This is an irrefutable truth. Yet your your eyes and ears tell you you’re in a far-off place, and intuition compels you to believe it. This feeling is called “presence,” and can only be experienced by immersing your senses with Oculus virtual reality. Rift and Gear VR must been experienced to be believed, and that is precisely the problem with telling their stories on the web.

How can you convey the immersion and wonder of the experience through a digital touchpoint that is inherently two-dimensional and needs to be scalable, accessible, and far-reaching? Our challenge led us to a striking visual solution centered on a simple insight: With Oculus, VR isn’t just a destination that you visit, it’s something that you feel. You don’t just observe, you transcend—and transform.

“The most amazing part about Oculus is the way it feels. It’s not about the visuals or sounds or any one thing in particular. When you’re in there, you feel like you’re somewhere else.”

Will Geddes / Design Director

Motion Graphics by SHED VFX

Lifestyle Photography by Todd Tankersley