Envisioning a world
where life and
technology coexist.

Since their days as Thalmic Labs, North has looked to the horizon, pioneering what they see as the future of technology — devices that help us live in the moment. Focals, their fashion-forward smart glasses, tell this story proudly, with human-centric technology that offers us connectivity and a clearer view of the life before us.

We became partners to help their brand champion this message — to make North synonymous with technology that gets out of our way to genuinely make our lives better.

In order for North to be both a technology company and a people company, we needed a new way to think about tech that didn’t ask us to ration our attention. The answer — ambient technology that adapts to us.

Where other companies hope life overcomes the pull of our devices, North purposefully and intentionally tucks tech out of the way. And when it can’t possibly get in our way, it helps us to be present in new ways.

“The pioneering spirit’s intent should not be to conquer the
planet or space, but to improve the quality of life.”

Bertrand Piccard / Swiss Psychiatrist

The idea of ambient technology informed a mark and visual language simple and discreet enough to live like their products, effortlessly in the space between foreground and background.

It turned the camera away from the products themselves and towards the unexpected moments that we should never miss — real people in real spaces, enhanced by the warmth of natural light.

It asked North’s voice to be inspired by today and to speak directly to the person in front of them. It demanded a website that tells a story and inspires an in-person fitting.

The idea of ambient technology led us to a brand seamless enough to communicate the common ground between North and the world — discreet interactions with technology where life should always come first.