Nike Women Catalog Series 1


Character’s first collaboration with Nike was to rebrand and relaunch their NikeWomen brand. Character’s goal was to create an ownable brand voice and distinctive visual language that would reinvigorate the brand and connect with female audiences.


Based on key determinants of shopping behaviors and motivations, Character identified the importance of connecting with female consumers at home to drive them online and into the store environment. A very natural and effective way to connect with women at home was through a catalog—something that Nike had never done before.

Character began creating a catalog of lifestyle photography using an art direction similar to that which can be found in women’s fashion magazines. It featured products shot in sporting scenarios.


The result was Nike’s first ever product catalog and a new identity that immediately connected with female audiences. The look captured the immediacy of athleticism while blurring the boundary between fitness and fashion.

Character extended the new look across Nike’s all-female events, in-store displays, outdoor billboards, print collateral, PR kits and signage, as well as interior displays and product packaging for Asian markets.