Molekule is on a mission to eliminate indoor air pollution for everyone, and in every home. Their story began when a renowned scientist named Dr. Yogi Goswami searched hopelessly for products that would help his son’s debilitating asthma.

Faced with air purifiers that made vague claims and had little effect, he turned to his own research in solar technology to find a better way to clean the air. Today, Molekule is the first air purifier that doesn’t simply capture pollutants, it eliminates them.

Visual Identity

Molekule is the only air purifier that breaks down pollutants into their harmless, elemental components. Inspired by the purity of these base elements of our universe, the “o” in Molekule’s logotype represents a molecular unit. Lifted slightly, it lends a feeling of buoyancy and optimism to the logo and alludes to the lightness of air.

Inspired by Molekule’s legacy of applied science, Character looked to the visual language of old science textbooks while developing a graphic system and selected a neutral palette with frequent pops of mint that present a clear contrast to the familiar sky blues of the space.

Verbal Identity

Character’s challenge was to accurately translate Molekule’s highly scientific research into engaging, consumer-facing copy. We strategically crafted a tone of voice that is sophisticated yet approachable, empirical yet bold. We anchored this approach to a few relevant themes that we felt would resonate most with consumers—the restorative power of nature and personal wellness.

We wanted to make the direct statement to consumers that Molekule was the first of its kind—a revolutionary product that could not only change the air, but the way people feel.


Inspired by the product’s ability to restore air to that which humans were meant to breathe, Character looked to nature to lend an aspirational, higher order quality to the way we framed the technology on the website. To introduce the product, we designed an interaction that shows a progression of focus from a tranquil outdoor scene to the inside of a home. Clean air, however, is not the end of the story.

With photography Character was able to make a clear connection between Molekule and the way our bodies can feel. Importantly, Molekule is based upon a legacy of engineering and applied science, and transparency is a true differentiator of the company. Character sought creative ways to educate consumers about the effects of air pollution and the efficacy of the technology.

“Considering the product’s ability to deconstruct our air on a molecular level, we wanted to translate a feeling of clarity.”

Claudia Di Martino / Designer