Media Temple


Media Temple (MT) is a premium website hosting and cloud services provider, powering more than 1.5 million websites in over 100 countries. Founded in 1998, MT has dedicated the past 15 years to helping web developers, designers, digital entrepreneurs, and innovators bring their ideas to life online.

MT approached Character with an exciting opportunity to partner with them on the redesign of their company website. As fans of the brand, we jumped at the chance.

MT felt their strong relationship with the creative community was not reflected in their current website. A goal of the redesign was to address this disconnect and to deliver an experience that was a better representation of their audience’s passions and self-identity. Not only that, but the new site needed to accurately reflect the personable, service-oriented culture of today’s companies.

“Designing for designers; I don’t know if that’s the easiest or hardest thing to do.”

Will Geddes / Associate Art Director


Character worked with the MT team to develop a strong and actionable strategic foundation that would inform the creative development process. While it was important to align ourselves with the vision of the key stakeholders, it was more important that we listened to the MT community.

An audit of the competitive space revealed that the majority of web hosting companies looked the same and promised the same things. Nothing emotional, nothing inspiring.

MT is part of an industry in which images of server stacks on the homepage and performance-based messaging is standard. Everyone was attempting to shout the loudest and one-up each other. Character identified this as an opportunity to do something distinctly different and memorable.

Ultimately, our strategy was all about the customer. We positioned MT as a means to help make peoples’ dreams a reality—a silent partner working relentlessly behind the scenes. MT was in the business of hosting great ideas.


Character was responsible for all visual aspects of the website from early UX explorations, through to delivery of final page templates and supporting visual elements. Character implemented an agile, human-centered and responsive design methodology, working with MT’s UX and development teams throughout the website implementation phase.

The new website launched to a wave of positive reviews from industry press and MT customers. It was modern, inspiring, and unique within its space.

This project would not have been  possible without the help and support of the MT team. A special shout-out to Character’s friend, Jon Setzen, who helped make this such an enjoyable experience.