DC Women


Founded in 1993, DC Shoes (originally Droors Clothing) quickly gained notoriety among the skateboarding community. What began as a garage operation making and marketing skateboarding footwear quickly grew into a household action sports brand. Today, DC Shoes is a leading designer and manufacturer of performance skateboarding and snowboarding footwear whose product line has broadened to include snowboards, apparel, outerwear, and other fashion accessories. Expanding the brand beyond its originally male-dominated identity, the DC Shoes business evolved to appeal to a wider, mainstream audience with a dedicated womens line launching in 2003.

The womens line gained momentum and today represents an important component of DC Shoes’ business.

DC Shoes saw tremendous potential within the womens category, which they felt was currently under-served. To take advantage of this opportunity they decided to strengthen their womens business by creating a new women-only brand. Character was approached to create the new brand identity.



To capture a greater share of the womens market the new identity needed to appeal to the existing DC Shoes audience, but also speak to a more fashion-forward consumer. In addition, it was important that the new identity be visually derived from the existing DC Shoes logo and convey the same urban attitude for which the DC Shoes brand has become known.

Character explored many logo themes eventually settling on the theme of linkage. This was a nod to the existing DC Shoes logo which features an interconnected “D” and “C”.


The resulting logo is elegant, yet still urban and edgy—an interlocked “D” and “C” featuring the characteristic DC Shoes star. Once the design was approved, Character applied the new logo to a variety of usage scenarios including product, print, and online placements. The project culminated with the development of supporting brand guidelines.

The new DC Womens identity successfully launched in early 2012. DC Shoes integrated the new logo across all of its womens product categories and marketing activities.