Collective Health

Collective Health set out to design a better self-insurance healthcare solution. By addressing the problems that plague the industry head on from overly-complex setup procedures to arcane technology, they are helping organizations sponsor quality healthcare on their terms and their employees live happier, healthier lives.

With their passionate team building out the technology, tools, and infrastructure to make such an ambitious task possible, Collective Health partnered with Character to help them define, design, and launch their brand.



People only think of healthcare when they need it: usually at the worst moments, almost always negatively, and as a system that hinders more than it helps. 

Collective Health wants to change that.

Their aim is to create healthcare that is personal, reliable, and trustworthy—the ideals healthcare should exemplify, but have eroded. The core of Collective Health’s strategy was to reconnect care to health. 


How do you convey the idea that healthcare can be transformed into a better experience or even one that is positive?

This question drove the branding process, informing an identity system built from simple, approachable forms that translate their optimistic and determined vision across a wide range of applications. 

Character helped to define healthcare, not as something old and cumbersome, but bright, open, and vibrant.

This language of optimism extends thorough the entire brand, from the business system, to interactive graphics and iconography that set the member experience miles apart from any other healthcare provider.

“Honest. Optimistic. Resolute. These traits define Collective Health and are crucial in presenting the idea of what healthcare could be.”

Ed O’Brien / Associate Creative Director

Photography Art Direction

True to their mission, Collective Health doesn’t just see healthcare as something that only applies in times of duress, it should allow for the choosing of options that highlight the ways you define health, and how it applies to our everyday lives.

This proposition informed the production of a rich photo library to help Collective Health as they set out to share their radical rethinking of what Healthcare could be.

Photography by Michael O’Neal