Vitamin shopping in the supermarket aisle can be an impersonal experience. Consumers are overwhelmed with choice and labels that don’t highlight the wellness issues they’re looking to solve. The Care/of team saw these deficits and decided it was time for a change. Knowing that no two people are alike, Care/of set out to personalize vitamins, creating a one-of-kind buying experience that equips and inspires consumers to make smart decisions that transform their health.


There are many brands in the nutrition space like Care/of that want to deliver simplicity with a sense of clarity. However, many of these competitors lack the flexibility to adjust to users’ continuously changing health needs and goals. Care/of’s ability to deliver personal, adaptive nutrition illuminated a unique position to build the brand upon. It inspired us to develop the brand’s purpose on the transformative relationship people have with their supplements, how Care/of’s power in surfacing recommendations effortlessly empower users today so they can take on tomorrow.

“Care/of is one of my favorite names that we came up with for a client, it set up a large canvas for us to develop the identity. ”

Ben Pham / Principal + Creative Director


We built the Care/of logomark to reflect the brand essence of ‘take on tomorrow’. With its forward motion, the mark’s subtle stroke (/) alludes to the forward motion Care/of inspires. The angle it creates is easily expandable across brand applications, allowing it to become an ownable element that hints at both movement and change.


Across all brand photography, Character wanted to inspire the habit of lifelong wellness, For studio portraiture, warm, lively colored backgrounds that subtly utilize the C/O slash were utilized. For supplement still lifes, natural elements such as plants, fruits, and flowers collaborate with the product reinforcing quality and showcasing the natural, healthy tenets of the brand.

Photography by Lauren Coleman