Ando is the brainchild of Momofuku, the renowned restaurant group led by David Chang, and Expa, a startup studio and heavyweight in the tech space. Tired of soggy buns, travel-bumped boxes, and an overall lower quality experience than

what we expect from sitting in a restaurant, they set out to make delicious food more deliverable. Together, they’re changing the way people discover, receive, and enjoy food.


The Ando team had the appetite to tackle some big challenges. Among fast casual options, they wanted to be the clear winner on quality. Within the category of food delivery services, they were confident they could offer unparalleled deliciousness. Character saw their greatest strength differently. Ando democratizes access to 

food by some of the world’s best chefs; no lines, no reservations, no high prices, and no need to lower your expectations just because it’s delivery. By positioning Ando as the first mobile-only restaurant, Character helped Ando cement its position in a class of its own.

“David Chang has no interest in bullshit, so we approached Ando without any.”

Will Geddes / Design Director

“The second act of Momofuku, we knew Ando needed to be grounded in its strong legacy—yet possess a bold irreverence all its own.”

Gina Gutierrez / Senior Brand Strategist