Amazon Kindle


The Amazon Kindle team approached Character to concept and develop a cross-media advertising campaign to promote their latest, most advanced e-reader device, Kindle Paperwhite.

It was important that the campaign clearly communicate the benefits of the new device, resonate with Kindle’s target audience, and translate across international markets.


The device boasted an impressive array of new features and upgrades, most notably a higher resolution, higher contrast screen, eight-week battery standby, and faster Wi-Fi enabling users to download any book in less than 60 seconds.

However, the most impressive and highly anticipated feature was its patented built-in light that made it possible for users to read in all lighting conditions. It was this feature that Character choose to use as the foundation for the main story in its campaign.


The ensuing campaign was comprised of a series of ads that featured the device in familiar night and day scenarios using first-person perspective. The strength of the campaign was in its simplicity and ability to translate to foreign markets.

The copywriting was succinct, allowing consumers to capture the purpose of the ad at first glance. The Kindle Paperwhite launched globally to rave reviews and is widely acknowledged as the world’s most advanced e-reader.