• New Client | October 7, 2014

    The world of digital content grows exponentially every day. No one knows this better than SanDisk.

    A global leader in digital storage solutions, SanDisk is working to invent the future of storage and we are excited to be woking with them.

  • New Hire | October 1, 2014

    Diva has been lucky to wear the hat of strategist in may different contexts – from defining brands and planning communications to designing experiences and imagining product innovations. She comes to Character with almost a decade of experience, having worked with Swirl, AKQA and Fuseproject, to guide the development of smart and beautiful things.

    A Bay Area native, Diva loves being bundled up on a foggy beach, sipping wine in Sonoma or exploring the Oakland restaurant scene.

    And Diva is her given name. Let’s just say her parents understood branding too.

  • New Client | September 16, 2014

    Aether makes beautifully crafted thinking things. Their first product, Cone, is a simple to use music player that belies its powerful technology. We’re happy to be working with the Aether team as they continue to build things that make everyday moments nicer.


  • New Client | September 16, 2014

    Homejoy is spreading joy, one clean home at a time. With just a few clicks, Homejoy’s online platform connects you with a verified home service professional. They say happiness is contagious. We couldn’t be happier to be working with Homejoy as they continue to make homes happier.

  • New Client | September 11, 2014

    For decades, Logitech has been enhancing digital experiences by creating products that bridge the gap between users and their devices. We’re excited to play a part in their latest endeavor. Stay tuned…

  • Client Launch | August 27, 2014

    Congratulations to the Tile team on the launch of their new website.

    Having a Tile not only makes it easier to find your own things, but also for the people around you to find theirs. Win, win.


  • New Client | August 20, 2014

    After seven years in development, the team at Mark One has developed a groundbreaking smart-cup that automatically identifies and tracks everything you drink. We think it’s magic, but we’re told it’s next-level technology. We’re extremely excited to be working with the Mark One team.


  • New Hire | August 6, 2014

    We’re thrilled to welcome Gretchen to our Program Management team. Gretchen was born and raised in the great state of Wisconsin, and recently relocated from Chicago to The City. After dipping her toes into the political arena, she switched gears to manage the development of custom software and online marketing campaigns. Most recently, she worked at Venables Bell & Partners on Google and Intel.

    She loves the ballet and was a founding member of the Joffrey Auxiliary Board. Other interests include playing tennis, cheeseburgers and nail art.

  • Client News | July 2, 2014

    Hot on the heels of the Nest/Dropcam acquisition, Facebook acquires Liverail. Congratulations to the Liverail team! Champagne for everyone. You’re buying.

  • New Client | July 1, 2014

    The team of seasoned entrepreneurs and neuroscientists at Thync are developing a groundbreaking wearable device that lets consumers instantly shift their state of mind. Sounds cool? It is–and they selected Character to come along for the ride. Watch this space.

  • Client News | June 20, 2014

    We love it when our clients are successful. Congratulations to the Dropcam team on a successful acquisition. We’re excited to see what the future holds.

  • New Hire | June 16, 2014

    Character is excited to welcome Ed O’Brien to the team. Ed is a graduate of the Academy of Art and brings over a decade of experience designing/directing in San Francisco–from branding programs and campaigns to digital product design. Prior to joining Character, Ed led design teams for HUGE and Hybrid Design, as well as running a boutique design studio for small engagements and personal projects.

    Originally from Washington state, Ed’s tastes in food and wine are almost as varied as his tastes in music and film. A big fan of distortion. Not a fan of chocolate.

  • Client Launch | June 11, 2014

    After much anticipation, Alibaba-owned e-commerce company 11 Main has revealed itself to the world. 11 Main offers consumers access to merchandise from over 2,000 small businesses selling fashion, jewelry, home goods, children’s items, antiques and collectibles.

    Character worked with 11 Main on their brand identity, shopping experience, photography guidelines and seller kits.

  • New Client | June 5, 2014

    We love working with teams that aren’t afraid to challenge conventional thinking and change the status quo. The team at CollectiveHealth is doing just that. San Mateo-based CollectiveHealth is fundamentally changing the way companies think about and pay for employee healthcare. They really are.

  • New Client | June 2, 2014

    We’re excited to announce a new partnership with San Francisco-based investment management firm, SigFig. In less than 60 seconds, SigFig enables users to sync their 410(k), IRA, trading and advisor-managed accounts into a single dashboard—giving them a real-time view of their investments, across all their accounts. We were blown away by the demonstration and are looking forward to working with the SigFig team over the coming months.

  • New Hire | June 2, 2014

    It is with great pleasure that we welcome Daniel Fuhrer to the Character design team. Daniel spent his early years in Brazil before moving to the Great State of Texas where he resided in a series of oddly-named places; Tomball, Comfort and Denton. Daniel holds a Communication Design and Anthropology degree, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of North Texas. Prior to Character, Daniel worked at Matchbox Studio, Tractorbeam and adventure-travel startup, ZOZI.

    Daniel has many interests, but highlights include; heather grey t-shirts, watches, book binding, “river life”, Bahn Mi sandwiches, Garage Punk, AfroPop and Southern Rock.


  • Client Launch | May 14, 2014

    Congratulations to the Urban Engines team on a successful public launch!

    Urban Engines reduces congestion by combining insights and incentives to ease the time and stress of daily commutes. Go to their website to find out when Urban Engines will be operating in your City.


  • Client Launch | May 1, 2014

    How does the Nod gesture control ring work? Magic. Plus a sprinkle of technological genius.

    Nod launched this May to a tidal wave of positive press. We have a feeling this is just the beginning of an amazing partnership.


  • New Client | March 29, 2014

    Are you tired of losing things? Soon you won’t have to be. Character is very excited to announce a new partnership with technology and lifestyle company, Tile. The smart folks over at Tile are developing the world’s largest lost and found.

  • New Client | March 3, 2014

    Sephora, our San Francisco neighbor and iconic leader in the world of beauty, approached Character to partner with them on their in-house SEPHORA COLLECTION. We’ve been lucky enough to work with Sephora before, and are looking forward to building on a great partnership.

  • New Client | March 2, 2014

    We’re very pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Urban Engines. Led by the smartest (and nicest) people in the room, backed by the most prominent investors, Urban Engines is on a mission reduce city congestion by combining insights and incentives to ease the time and stress of daily commutes.


  • Client Launch | February 24, 2014

    Steve Perlman, inventor and technology pioneer, is rewriting the wireless rule book with pCell technology.

    Imagine a world where you could stream HD content direct to your smartphone, or make a video call in the middle of Times Square. A world without dropped calls, dead zones or weak signals. Steve and his team have spent the past decade developing pCell wireless technology so consumers can have a reliable “mobile fiber” experience, whether they’re sitting indoors or on a high-speed train.

    Character worked with Steve and his team to unveil pCell technology to the world at the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

  • Client News | February 11, 2014

    It seems like everything e-commerce giant Alibaba touches turns to gold. Needless to say, we were excited when Alibaba publicly announced 11 Main, a US online retailer connecting handpicked small businesses with shoppers in a stylish virtual marketplace.


  • New Hire | January 6, 2014

    It is with great pleasure that we welcome Natasha Foote to the Character design team. Natasha holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University. Before joining Character, Natasha’s latest endeavor was working on the rebrand of the University of California.

    Natasha is passionate about design–even going so far as to name her pets after typefaces. Her interests include old films, monks, detective novels, and consuming excessive amounts of food.


  • New Hire | December 9, 2013

    Please welcome Lexie Fuller to the project management team. A native to the Bay Area, Lexie holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from UC Santa Barbara and is a certified project management professional. Lexie brings ten years of experience managing integrated marketing campaigns for consumer brands including Sephora, Gap and California Closets.

    Lexie enjoys traveling around the world, cooking new recipes for family and friends, hiking adventures in the beautiful Bay Area and searching for the best Cabernets and Zinfandels the wine country has to offer.

  • New Client | October 1, 2013

    An amazing opportunity to work with a world-class team of seasoned entrepreneurs and technologists.

  • New Hire | September 23, 2013

    Character is excited to welcome Melanie Wood to the Project Management team. Mel has a diverse 10-year background spanning project management, event planning, marketing and creative recruiting. She is a proud alum of Louisiana State University (GEAUX TIGERS!) where she earned her bachelor’s in Marketing.

    Mel has an insatiable appetite for adventure. When not wandering the world, Mel can be found chowing down on SF’s latest delicious bites, enjoying live music or expanding her home-crafted scarf collection.

  • New Hire | September 9, 2013

    We’re excited to welcome another addition to the Character team, Matt Carvalho. Matt brings more than 8 years of interactive design experience to the Character team. He holds a BFA in Advertising from the Art Institute of CA, San Francisco. Outside the office, Matt enjoys rooting for the 49ers, drinking water and making art.


  • New Hire | August 6, 2013

    We’re excited to welcome Gina Gutierrez to the Character team. A native New Yorker, Gina came out to the best coast to join Visa’s rotational development program. Back east, Gina had the opportunity to head up strategic marketing at a mobile offers startup in Durham, NC–where she not so coincidentally also earned her Bachelor of Arts in Social Psychology and International Comparative Studies from Duke University.

    In her free time, you’ll find Gina exploring new corners of the world, or even just in the beautiful city by the Bay. Who said bucket lists were supposed to get shorter?

  • New Client | June 13, 2013

    What happens you put some of the smartest, most accomplished people in tech under one roof? We’ll see…